Landscaping Tips

Mature Azaleas
Mature azaleas in bloom add a lot of color to a landscape. Prune plants in the spring after they bloom.
Use Stalite Perma-til rotary kiln fired slate to amend the soil and discourage voles.
Perennial Garden
Save those coffee grounds and use them as organic fertilizer to keep your perennial garden lush and green.

Timing is important

Prune plants that bloom in the spring after they bloom. Plants that bloom in summer should be pruned in the winter.

Obtain a warranty

Have no less than a 12-month warranty on your new plant installation.

Get familiar with your surroundings

Select the proper plant for your environment. Keep in mind drainage, deer and exposure. Use Perma-til to help fight voles and amend the soil.

Understand the genetics

Why are some plants more susceptible to disease than others? The same reason some humans are more susceptible to certain diseases than others — it is in their genes! Plants need to be treated as individuals.

Use the right amount

Do not over mulch. Mulch can be used around the trunks of trees and shrubs, but keep it to 1″ and spread it thicker as you advance away from the plant.

Know your irrigation system

Too much water can often be more of a problem than not enough. Ask for watering instructions.

Consider going organic

Coffee grounds are a great organic fertilizer. Do not throw them away. Start a compost pile or bin to use on your plants.

Remember sleep, creep & leap

It's the three year rule with perennials. They "sleep" the first year, "creep" the second year and don't get very big, but by the third year they "leap" and are big and beautiful!