Products & Services

Custom Landscaping
Design your custom landscaping with perennials, roses and evergreens for year-round variety.

The services and products provided by John Richmond Landscaping, Inc. are geared to help our clients design, install and maintain a new landscape, as well as improve and maintain an existing landscape. We have crews that specialize in plant, pond and hardscape installation.

Landscape Installation

Our crews are trained in proper planting techniques using the correct amount of topsoil, compost and Perma-til. Perma-til is a soil additive for correcting soil compaction, drainage problems and vole infestation. We spend time with our clients to see what best suits their needs including the selection of plants best suited for their particular landscape.

Plant selection is critical to a stable landscape and always depends on the environment. Drainage, sunlight, shade, cold and wind exposure and our greatest challenge — deer — are all things that should be taken into consideration when designing a landscape. We can help you invest in your home by assisting you in making the right decisions for your landscape.

Lawn Maintenance

In addition to landscape installation we provide lawn maintenance services. These services include mowing, weedeating, blowing, weeding and pruning or shearing. We can assist you on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. We can also maintain your new or existing landscape with proper pruning, fertilization and mulching.

Beautiful lawn
Our crews can assist you with your landscape on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule with mowing, weedeating, blowing, weeding and pruning or shearing.

The maintenance crews at John Richmond Landscaping, Inc. are trained in proper pruning techniques including the correct way to prune a Crape Myrtle. We can assist you in the pruning of English and American Boxwoods, Azaleas, and other specialty shrubs along with all other ornamental shrubs and hedges. Our mulching services are designed to give our clients a clean, crisp enhancement of their landscape. We at John Richmond Landscaping, Inc., as gardeners, want your plants to be invigorated and enhanced by the mulch. We believe in proper edging and weeding before the mulch goes down. A good rule to keep in mind is that too much mulch is worse than none. We provide a selection of mulches including hardwood, organically dyed hardwood and pine bark. Each has its own special benefit for your garden. We believe in “custom” mulching.

In the fall we offer a full seeding service including thatch removal and aeration. We use a tested triple blended tall fescue seed to insure the best germination and apply lime and fertilizer. For problem areas we can have pH levels tested and amend soils as needed.

Lawn Weed Control and Small Tree and Shrub Disease and Insect Control

In 2012, we implemented in house lawn weed control and small tree and shrub disease and insect control programs. We feel many of our clients will appreciate being able to deal with just one company for all their lawn care and maintenance needs. We have is a licensed specialist with reliable knowledge in the development of warm and cool season turf programs as well as implementing integrated pest management programs.

Organic Gardening

Want to have an organic vegetable garden? We can install one for you. Vegetable gardens are great family projects and can save you a significant amount of money on groceries. It is a fun way to educate children on the values of recycling through composting and get them interested in plants and gardening.

During installation we will amend your soil with organic mushroom compost. This totally sterile and organic compost is used to grow mushrooms. We will also add Perma-til to your garden to help with drainage, root development and most importantly to discourage voles. Remember, composting is organic and is a great way to recycle your waste. We can install a composting bin for your or they are available in many different stores. Mulching is a great way to organically hold down weeds. Keep in mind that pine bark is the best source of nutrients for your gardens as it breaks down. Hardwood holds the weeds down more effectively, but takes longer to break down and is less acidic. If your preference is for mulch that holds its color longer, we can provide a hardwood mulch organically dyed with a vegetable dye.

Other services provided by John Richmond Landscaping, Inc. include:

Custom Timber Wall
A custom timber wall often a great solution for dealing with grading issues.

• Sod installation
• Pond installation
• Dry stack wall and dry laid patio installation
• Paver installation
• Drainage systems and sump pump installation
• Gravel and grading for driveways
• Vista clearing
• Light carpentry
• Retaining and timber walls
• Fences
• Decks

See more examples of our work and services that we provide in our photo gallery.